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Greek for “completely new,” the name Holocene reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in renewable energy. We strive to provide efficient, high quality, and properly financed systems that are not only environmentally sound, but also economically justified.

We do this by offering the highest quality solutions, integrating new technologies, and remaining on the cutting edge of project financing strategies. With expertise in the development, financing, and construction of solar projects, Holocene provides benefits to our clients while promoting a sustainable balance between environment and industry.

The Team

Ralph_cRalph Thompson, CEO

Ralph has 35 years in construction industry leadership.  His experience with commercial real estate development includes numerous projects in Eastern North Carolina. Ralph also has managed Chevron Energy Solutions North Carolina market to public sector performance contracting. His first solar thermal project was completed in 1977 and he was construction manager for the first LEED Platinum Certified Project in North Carolina.  Ralph has a BS in Civil Engineering Construction from North Carolina State University, has his Professional Engineer registration in North Carolina and is a LEED Accredited Professional by the USGBC.

Stan_cStan Allison, CFO

Prior to Joining Holocene, Stan Served 30 years as an investment banker with international institutions, focused on arranging capital in negotiated transactions.  He raised $12.4 billion under a wide variety of financial arrangements, representing 140 transactions. He is effective at originating, structuring, negotiating and executing complex transactions and has developed strong relationships with many institutional investors.  Mr. Allison holds an MBA degree from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business from Lafayette College.

charles_CCharles McClure, VP of Development

Charles has over 20 years of experience in engineering, technology, and finance.  Over the past seven years, Charles has successfully engaged landowners, universities, municipalities, utilities, and private companies to develop and deliver high-value, long-term solar assets. As one of the original founders of Holocene, his commitment to creating a sustainable future for everyone is clear and ongoing. He also serves as drone pilot for the team. Charles has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University.




The first stage in the life cycle of a project is the development of a potential asset for creating or managing renewable energy. This process is extremely complicated and requires a unique set of skills and relationships with relevant stakeholders.

Before a project can be financed and built, the developer must identify a viable location, navigate the regulatory landscape, arrange interconnection, establish an energy sale contract, and ensure the support of the local community.

Holocene has established relationships with energy buyers such as utilities, military, hospitals, universities, and local governments. We also work with the leading engineering, legal and real estate consultants to execute the development process.



Each renewable energy project is financed on the basis of several characteristics, beginning with the customer who has agreed to purchase the power over a multiyear period. The customer, or “offtaker,” is typically a public or municipal utility or an industrial, institutional or military entity.

Most renewable energy projects also qualify for public policy incentives such as investment tax credits, production tax credits, feed-in tariffs, renewable energy credits and others. Holocene provides solutions that utilize all available tax attributes and public policy incentives.

Holocene also has established relationships with leading regional and national financial institutions. We have been successful in structuring the sale of our renewable energy assets at the end of construction and at midterm in the asset life providing predicable investment returns for long term owners and investors.



After over 100 projects and thousands of hours of experience, our team is familiar with all types of solar construction and knows what to expect, even on the most ground-breaking projects.

We design and engineer every project from the ground up and have Professional Engineers on staff to ensure the highest quality and efficiency. Our process includes an evaluation of each site using a system simulation that accounts for geographic considerations as well as production optimization modeling to ensure each system generates energy as designed.  We maintain working relationships with local permitting authorities, engineering specialists, manufacturers of all major components, and local and regional subcontracting specialists. 

During the construction process, we maintain close supervision of subcontractors to keep projects on budget and on schedule and utilize online tracking tools so managers can manage multiple projects at once and identify issues before they become problems.  When projects are completed and we are engaged for operation and maintenance, they are closely monitored to ensure continued performance.



Louisburg, NC


Fuquay-Varina, NC
500 kWDC


Faison, NC
2.3 MWDC


Four Oaks, NC
6.5 MWDC


Smithfield, NC
6.2 MWDC


Princeton, NC
6.5 MWDC

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